brett-barleyPeople tell me all the time “I wanna come score a Hurricane swell at your house”, or they’ll ask “How sick is your place during Hurricanes?”… but the truth is, the waves are more often than not better during regular low pressure systems. Regular lows are much more reliable too, with simple systems producing really fun surf.

Case in point… last weekend. 3 days of fun waves, with better than forecasted conditions. It wasn’t pumping by our standards, but I’ll take being surprised with fun surf after a poor looking forecast, over being letdown by an epic Hurricane forecast that doesn’t pan out any day.

Here are 4 sessions, from shore break barrels to peaky wedges, over the course of 3 days. One session I was out alone, and the others I shared with only my 3 other friends in sight! Can’t beat this time of year in Cape Hatteras. – Brett Barley



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