jobless-in-puerto-ricoJobless is a visual representation of the paradoxical fine line that divides professional surfing and amateur surfing at elite levels i.e, surfing to live or living to surf. Shot over the 2015/ 2016 Puerto Rican winter, Jobless is a showcase of the passion, commitment and enthusiasm we share for the sport of surfing regardless of status. Our film features the best local talent along with a few notable New York surfers.
Featuring: Leif Engstrom, Balaram Stack, Dylan Graves, Brian Toth, Quincy Davis, Mauro Diaz, Bryan Laide, Rolando Montes, MArley Puglielli, Alejandro Moreda, Alejo Marin, Alex Fawess, Tj Gumiela, Will Skudin, Eric Geiselman, Hector Santamaria, Carlos Cabrero, & Darren Muschett.

Jobless in Puerto Rico from A2Z Films on Vimeo.



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