positive-vibration-trailerAfter Patrick, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas’ first surf trip to Jamaica in 2014, they were compelled to come up with a way to help this budding surf culture, full of passion for the ocean, but lacking in the infrastructure of surf equipment to achieve their true potential. Jamaica has a talented crop of young surfers led by Billy “Mystic” Wilmot, but they don’t have any access to modern equipment or even surf shops due to high import taxes and tariffs.
The Gudauskas Brothers began to brainstorm ideas on how to make a positive impact on this surf culture and came up with a “Surfboard Drive,” setting out on social media and asking people to donate any old surfboards they may have. After a month of getting the word out to local communities, they ended up gathering over 200 surfboards!
Fast forward to 2016, the Gudauskas’ shipped the boards to Kingston Harbor, Jamaica, the home of the Wilmot family and ground zero for the Jamaica surfing scene. This is the story from conception to execution. POSITIVE VIBRATION




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