Stephanie Gilmore and Dave RastovichThe mutual respect and admiration that Stephanie Gilmore and Dave Rastovich have for each other is palpable in this episode of Chronicles: the Making of Proximity. Stephanie called Dave the Tom Curren of Australia, a title few would be able to live up to, but somehow it fits the free-spirited Rastovich. Gilmore is easily one of the world’s top female surfers, dominating the world tour during her professional career with six titles at the age of 28.

In this episode of Chronicles, a crew consisting of Taylor Steele, Stephanie Gilmore, Dave Rastovich along with Director of Cinematography Todd Heater travel to the Baja in search of new waves and good vibes.

Traveling dirt roads with only vague napkin directions in search of waves may seem like a fruitless effort, but for this band of intrepid break seekers, there is no better pastime.



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