The Laps TV Lead Up Life Before The Laps“Life Before The Laps” is a deeper look at the lives of LAPS cast Dustin Hollick and Rhian Slapp, two ordinary Aussie surfers preparing to leave their families on a global quest to consume less.
Filmed and Edited by Shannon Mackie. Produced by Switchboard Media.
The Laps is a reality adventure travel TV series, following its two Australian hosts Dustin Hollick and Rhian Slapp around 10 island nations, with no cash, no car, no phone, and just 10 personal items each.
-With just 14-days to complete each lap, the guys must survive with the bare minimum in both chaotic cities and remote natural environments.
-Each destination’s core environmental issues will be uncovered.
-The guys’ consumption of food, water, and oil will be measured on their journey and compared with standard human consumption levels.
-What is learnt along the way will become a blueprint to inspire us all via to make simple changes at home and on our travels to help preserve the Earth for future generations.
Episode One: The Lap of Tassie, films in Tasmania from October 10-23, follow the journey on:

The Laps TV Lead Up: Life Before The Laps from Switchboard Media on Vimeo.



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