HarvestWhat started as an idea of making a “full length” video, ended up being just a montage with a good handful of people thrown in there. I was kinda stressing over this project for the most part. There were several times where it felt like I almost forgot how to make a video, which led to doubts and over thinking everything. On top of that, there’s a few waves in here that have already been viewed by the masses. So instead of completely frying my brain trying to bang this out, I took a break and made Cody’s video, which helped me regain interest in completing this one.

Overall, it was an interesting video to work on, considering the group of people I chose to put in it. One little thing I did differently with this project compared to my previous work, was that I wrote out all of the titles. I know my handwriting is terrible, but once I completed each one, I felt obligated to using them. This could quite possibly be my last independent surf film, but we’ll see what happens in the near future.

HARVEST from Myles Laurion on Vimeo.



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