Name: Eugene Tollemache


Tell me about your surfing background: I grew up in the UK , but I’ve travelled for 6 months of every year since the age of 16.

Job Title: Surf guide /boat manager


How’s life as a salty sea dog: Perfect at times but lots of responsibility, living the dream if you know what I mean.

What’s your Daily Routine on the Jiwa: I wake up at 5.30 am have a coffee, see what the wind is doing and wait for it to get light, surf, then if there are other boats around or the wind changes I act accordingly and move. If it’s good, have a fruit salad surf again, have a bowl of cereal another surf then skull a binnie and banter with the guests till long after sunset.. get up 5.30 am repeat … eat surf sleep repeat..

What are you responsibilities: Over seeing the whole operation apart from on-line bookings and marketing. This includes every day management of the boat and staff, over see the turn around in port, hire ‘n ‘fire, be the guests doctor, mother, psychiatrist, drinking partner, safety water patrol, you name it and generally make sure every one is safe and having a good time.

Do you get plenty of  surf time: Yes, plenty!12528144_10156701413675113_2124428590_n

I believe you used to work for Rick Stein: Yeah, did a lot of seasons in his kitchen over the least 9 years.

Are there any secret spots left in the Mentawais: If very seldom surfed spots can be called secrets yes! The Jiwa operates further north for half the year  the Telos/Banyaks/Hinakos/Nias and we’ve got some spots we don’t name or photograph.

What was the best session you ever had in the Mentawais: 4/6 Macas, only boat in the channel!

Favourite wave you go to : Maccas, Telescopes, Treasure Island and The HoleJIWA UNLEASHED SURFER (1)

How long is each trip: 11 nights – 10 days surf time.

Any negatives about being a surf guide/boat manager: Responsibility of running a 5 star service in a 3rd world country, the bribes and corruption can get you down at times.

Are there any fine wines on the boat, ha ha: Shit yeah, we get good wines on request, Stoly vodka and gin for the regulars, usually everyone just smashes the Bintang ha!ha!

What are the chef’s specialities: Beef Rendang and a couple of my recipe’s are the trip favourite’s.

Why should people book with you guys: One of the main things is I’m not the owner, I just run it (I hope they are not reading this ha!ha!). The majority of the other boats have got their owners on board so every time they pull the pick or drive some where, they are looking at the dollars coming out the kitty…I do lot more driving to a variety of spots compared to the other operators doing the milk run and I’m one of the keenest surfers on the planet. I wanna surf n get my guest’s wet and stoked!!!!


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Photo’s by Luke Palmer

The Salty dog in action.



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