Logan Rauhut- surfer, photographer, and adventurer living in the moment, road-tripping, creating artwork, and Just Passing Through. He let us in on a few tips from his last mission down to Baja, and some of his must-take pieces for your next strike mission.Bajapack1

“After-class Thursday night drives from LA traffic to San Diego leaves me set up for an early arrival to my desired Baja location the next morning. The best way to stay awake is good tunes.  My truck only has a cassette player so I’ll take what I can get as long as it’s loud and fast. Early morning offshores ensure a cold surf check so I always bring a jacket and good shoes.  I always pack a board, fins, maybe a hand-plane, and water housing so I know I’ll be having fun in the water regardless of the conditions. Good sunscreen and glasses are a must. I usually take Manda organic sun paste and any cheap glasses I find in my car (I lose them all).  After a long morning session when the weather heats up I’ll slip into a pair of trunks and sandals for midday tacos and cervezas. I always bring a bag full of cameras down with me to take photos in between and during surfs; but anything from a guitar to cards is good for the boarder line and any other down time.”

mexsignsanmiguelwater  hotelpeak hotelnookview


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