There’s an old saying that goes: “Before you get the princess, you have to slay the dragon”… In this story Louie Hynd finds his own princess of a left with only him and the sea life to share it with, but not before he slayed the dragon that is Teahupo’o with brother and sister combo Owen and Tyler Wright. We kick off in the jaws of the beast with Owen in full attack mode…Spice-Islands-12

So when time came to lead his younger sister Tyler and even younger goofy Luke Hynd on The Search to the Spice Islands – he jumped at the chance to put them in the zone. But with Teahupo’o 10 foot-plus and pounding what chance did Ty and Louie have of avoiding the slam and getting Owen to move off reef to a new Search location? None at best…

“The swell popped up for Chopes, and we were planning to go somewhere else Searching, but I really wanted to come here. Three days over 10 feet? I just couldn’t say no to it,” confirmed Owen, taking the crew to the edge as the following chapter attests…





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