The Sugar Shack sits at the heart of the community in Huntington Beach, by
4.30am it is buzzing with the local crew, chowing down on their regular breakfast grinds before work. Talk is full of surf and local banter, Timmy Turner is almost celebrity around here and his new movie is always a topic of conversation.

Photo by Tim Nunn_bike 1 (2)


Ian Battrick,who has been here for over a month already, and is already part of the furniture, exchanges banter with the crew. The Shack has been in Timmy’s family since the late sixties, owned and run by his parents. Timmy and his Brother Ryan have worked in it since they were just out of nappies and more recently have taken over the running of it with their own famillies. The food is traditional American diner, good and wholesome with plenty of coffee to wash down a morning breakfast. If that and the local company are not enough to get you through the door then the decor caps it all off. The walls are covered with surf shots, of Timmy, Ryan, local WCT boys Brett Simpson and Timmy Reyes as well as a myriad of other local surfers at home and abroad. It’s worth stopping by just to see it. The Shack is our base for a few weeks of SoCal exploration, well not really exploration, more trying to get a few waves in some of the most crowded line ups on the planet.

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Huntington Beach sits almost at the northern edge of Orange County, as you look north up the coast you can see the docks of Los Angeles and the Palos Verdes peninsula, offshore, oil rigs and Santa Caterina island. In HB its self nodding donkeys suck oil from the ground, the whole area is rich in the natural resource. HB is the most working class of Orange’s coastal communities, it’s welcoming and the whole vibe of the place is just perfect, something I never expected to find in one of the biggest metropolisis on the planet. Just down the coast is Newport Beach, the famous groynes and the wedge give way to the huge marina area and the playground of the mega rich. Then beyond through mega rich Laguna and down towards Dana Point, Salt Creak and in the very south of the county Trestles. It’s an area packed with waves and surfers, but time it right and you’ll get some peaks to yourself.


Nat Young

If you’re in HB and need a post surf refueling check out the  SUGAR SHACK

Words and Photo’s by TIM NUNN


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