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ULEASHED SURFER Ireland by Jason Feast (1)

600 miles 1 ferry trip and two tanks of gas and I arrive In Bundoran the Surfing capital of Ireland. A chart promising a week of solid swell and offshore winds had brought me over to the Emerald Isles. It had been a while since me last visit but an Invitation by Andrew cotton and Lyndon Wake to shack up in there little pad for a week or two was irresistible.

‘We got wifi’, proclaimed Cotty, I found out that what they meant by free wifi is that they had been siphoning off free wifi from a neighbours unprotected,  the only way to get it meant hanging out the window.

ULEASHED SURFER Ireland by Jason Feast (2)They had been renting the house out for two months spending there days exploring the north west coast of Ireland with their faithful Red Bull jet ski hutting out un-ridden gems. One thing they had forgotten to inform me about the house was the heating had broken down so there was no heat in the house, and it was February in the thick of an Irish Winter. The landlord had promised to get it fixed and sent round Mick the friendly plumber. Now this guy was friendly but the fact that I don’t think he knew anything about pluming didn’t seem to concern him. He would show up fiddle with the heating, get it working, the second he stepped out the door the heating would break down. Now this became a daily occurrence.

ULEASHED SURFER Ireland by Jason Feast (4)As trips go I broke my rule on this trip, usually I go with three surfers so if anything happens to one of them there’s still two guys to try and get some shots and a feature – Boom! First day we hit a left hand reef/slab that only works on a real high tide, its 8/10 perfection and Lyndon pulls in a bomb, and slam, it double lips slamming him into the reef. First day, first wave and Lyndon is out of action for the next four months. Not a good start to the trip.

The days passed  and a routine emerged, up early surfing a different reef break every morning  and I mean different, Ireland is literally littered with different set ups. Everywhere you drive you see a new un-ridden spot. Back to the house for lunch, say hello to Mick, then back off searching for more little gems with Jet Ski in tow.Cotty the box

A jet ski can become a very useful tool not just for towing in but searching coastlines because you may see what resembles a good wave across a field or headland but getting to it is a different mater.ULEASHED SURFER Ireland by Jason Feast (3)

Big shout to http://www.stenaline.co.uk for making the trip possible.

All Photo’s by JASON FEAST



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